About Us

Mofunland is the first kid’s cubing theme playground in Singapore for anyone aged 5 and above. With more than 50 cubes and strategy puzzles to offer, you are bound to be lost in a whole twist of play and learning.

Cubing have been around since 1974 and Mofunland is established to boost the multiple benefits of cubing such as:

Reflexes & Agility
Problem Solving Skills
Determination and Focus
Concentration & Configuration
Logical Understanding
Reduced Screen Time

We welcome you to Mofunland to learn, play and make more friends who are also passionate about cubes. We offer classes to master different stages of cubing by specialized cube trainers. You may also choose to celebrate any occasion in Mofunland’s premise. For advanced cubers, Mofunland provides a space for you to challenge with others from all over the world. Do keep a lookout as Mofunland organises events and competition regularly for you to participate and connect with other like-minded enthusiasts.

Get a twist of fun!